Welcome to Bearcats and Bimbos.
Inspiration for the title of the website comes from the 1920’s slang; a ‘Bearcat’ is a term once used for a hot blooded girl, and Bimbo means a tough guy.
We sell men’s and women’s vintage fashions, anything between 1920’s and 1970’s plus accessories including hats, gloves bags, ties, shoes and jewellery, plus collectables including household items, children’s toys, china, tea sets etc. Stock is a mixture of sentimental family treasures, film memorabilia and gems found at antique fairs in the UK and abroad. We have a passion for thrift stores, and auction houses and hunting down interesting pieces of history. We like to offer a wonderful variety of items from different eras that inspire and entice. Whether it be for a gift or to decorate your home or just lift your spirits.. we are certain we can offer something appropriate that will add a little bit of charm to its new home.

‘Just a little bit about me and my love of vintage’

I grew up surrounded by my mums beautiful collectables and she was always taking me to antiques shops and telling me ‘not to touch anything’. I couldn’t wait for the day that I was old enough to actually pick something up and study it.

Moving to London 8 years ago (Primrose Hill, nr Camden) I was suddenly thrown into utter paradise where flea markets and retro shops were everywhere and the cost of vintage clothes was cheap!

I was working in film and theatre, spending a lot of time being dressed for costume dramas…being covered in stunning 20s/30s dresses and fur capes (something I never liked due to my views on the use of animals – more later on this). Spending hours at the largest costumiers in the country, getting ‘happily’ lost amongst the spectacular array of historical/ military/glamour… feeling such inspiration for all these time periods in front of my eyes.

Camden presented to me such a wealth of items that I could not deny myself the trilby that I so didn’t need.. but just loved.

This was the first of hundreds of hats and accessories. Then came the frocks and shoes and don’t even ask about the handbags. Living in a studio flat was not going to stop me filling every tiny space I could with the joys of the ‘days gone by’.  The more random the better. The obsession took over….

I now live on a farm in east sussex and have filled my home with antiques and am getting to the point of needing a museum..haha.

Starting from scratch in a property with no furniture and pockets rather empty (slight understatement!).. myself and family have been out and about at flea markets, antique fairs, auctions, boot fairs & skips! (more on this later too!) as often as we possibly could..hunting down those treasures!

Furniture renovation is now a huge passion….. nothing is discarded in this house!

Vintage toys are also something I am very much into.   The world of vintage and antiques is special, fun and you never know what you may next fill your car with!

Please enjoy my website.  Take as much pleasure at browsing as I do bargain/treasure hunting!

Please check back often for new items via the shop link above.For anything specific you may be looking for, we are happy to go out and find on your behalf, or offer to give any advice.Items can be hired out for events as well as bought.